This commercial incense cone making machine is primarily used for processing various types of cone-shaped incense. By changing the cone incense forming molds, the incense cone machine can process cones of different diameters and lengths. The production capacity of the cone machine ranges from 30 to 240 cones per minute, and the processing speed can be adjusted according to production needs.

Steps to make incense cones

Mix the incense powder

The wood flour, glue powder, and water are mixed thoroughly in a certain ratio. The wood flour, water, and glue powder are the basic raw materials for the processing of incense, and the customer can add the right amount of spices to them according to the specific processing needs.

Incense cone forming

Place the well-mixed ingredients into the inlet of the machine. The material is pushed forward by the hydraulic unit inside the machine to the extrusion die. The molds of the machine are upper and lower mold trays in groups. At high speed, the fragrant powder is quickly squeezed into a cone shape. A blower near the outlet then automatically blows the incense cones already formed in the mold down onto the outlet conveyor belt.

Dry the incense cones

Freshly processed incense cones are still soft and prone to breakage and deformation. We, therefore, need to collect them and put them in a mesh frame to dry.