The dry ice pellet machine also can be named dry ice pelletizer, dry ice pellet maker, and so on. This machine is a piece of solid CO2 processing equipment for making dry ice pellets.

Shuliy's dry ice pellet makers for sale
Shuliy’s dry ice pellet makers for sale

Appllications of dry ice pellet machine

Processed dry ice pellets have many uses. Users can store dry ice for sale and cold chain transportation. In addition, smaller dry ice particles, such as 3mm dry ice particles, are often used as raw materials for dry ice cleaning machines.

Structure of dry ice pellet maker

The structure of the dry ice pelletizer includes the inlet, outlet, compression box, hydraulic system, feed pipe, solenoid valve, motor, exhaust pipe, extrusion die, electric cabinet with PLC control screen, etc.

Workflow of dry ice pellets making

The raw material for making dry ice pellets by this dry ice pellets machine is mainly liquid carbon dioxide. According to different working capacities, we can design this machine with more than one outlet head for large-scale production of dry ice pellets.

When we inject the liquid carbon dioxide into this dry ice pellet machine inlet, the oil hydraulic press will press the liquid CO2 quickly and extrude it with a certain shape.

Feature of Shuliy’s dry ice pelletizer machine

The dry ice pellet machine has high working efficiency in making dry ice pellets, which can be designed with many types and models. The dry ice pellet s’ diameter ranges from 3mm to 19mm. The output of this machine ranges from 50kg/h to 1000kg/h.

Besides, we also supply other dry ice processing machines, such as dry ice block machines, dry ice cleaning machines, dry ice containers, etc. If you are interested in dry ice production machines, welcome to contact us for details and quotations.