Sauce pouch packing machine

Sauce pouch packing machine

The sauce packing machine is a fully automatic pouch paste packaging machine. So, it has functions such as automatic bag making, quantitative filling, photoelectric identification, heat sealing, and date printing. The paste packaging machine is suitable for various pastes, sesame paste, ketchup, chili oil, shampoo, honey, etc. We can also customize the paste packaging machine for you.


Pouch paste packaging machine adopts electromechanical integration, a dual CPU microcomputer control system, and a large-screen LCD display. Also, the sauce paste packaging machine adopts a microcomputer-controlled photoelectric tracking correction system. It equipped with a high-precision stepping motor and precise the uniform position of each packaging bag pattern. A pouch packing machine is suitable for liquid paste materials in food seasoning, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, sauces, foliar fertilizer, oil bags, honey, shampoo, cosmetics, and other materials packaging.


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