The rice crust snacks production line is simple to operate, and easy to learn and understand. And it is the ideal choice for rice crust manufacturers. The production line is composed of a steam box, mixer, tablet press, forming machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, and packaging machine.  The final product can be sold directly to supermarkets and retailers.

The process flow of the rice crust snacks production line:
1. First, the steamer steams the rice for 6 minutes and then takes it out to dry for a while.
2. Second the mixer will mix the rice with starch.
3. Then the tablet machine presses the stirred rice into pieces.
4. Next, the forming machine will cut the rice into pieces of the desired size.
5. The fryer will fry the formed rice pieces. And then the seasoning machine seasons the rice crust.
6. Finally, the packaging machine will package the seasoned rice crust.

The rice crust production line is highly automated, energy-efficient, low labor cost, safe and reliable. It is suitable for the automatic frying of rice crust.