This kind of commercial iron wire coating equipment is usually a complete processing line, which mainly includes iron wire or steel wire conveyor, tractor (one at the front and rear), right-angle coating mold, single-screw plastic extruder, cooling device, etc. Each iron wire can be connected by a joint to realize continuous package production.

The wire coating machine can mainly coat all kinds of wire, iron pipe, steel pipe, aluminum pipe, metal hose, etc. with plastic. The material of the outer plastic coating is mainly PVC, PE, PP, PA, and other plastics. The inner core can be made of ordinary iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe, and other different materials.

The pipe products produced by the wire-coated plant have the characteristics of the compact coating, uniform plastic layer thickness, stable size, and smooth appearance. We can recommend a suitable iron wire coating processing line for customers according to the diameter of the iron wire required by the customer and the thickness of the plastic coating required.