The tapioca pearls ball making machine eliminates the traditionally manual process of making pearls by simply putting the starch dough into the machine. And the machine automatically presses and flattens the dough, cutting and rolling it into rounds to produce consistent quality pearl dough. Whether it is small pearls or boba pearls, the boba-making machine is quick and easy to use. And people with no experience can also use it easily.

The tapioca pearls ball-making machine does not damage the product tissue when forming the rounds, making the product as delicate and delicious as handmade. With the special powder design, the pearl rounds will not stick to each other after cutting and rolling.

The tapioca pearls ball-making machine has a high output and can handle 20-30 kg of dough per hour. The tapioca pearls machine is small and space-saving. And the material of the machine is stainless steel. So the finished product is clean and hygienic.