The barbecue charcoal production line can produce various types of charcoal briquettes. The main equipment of a complete barbecue charcoal production line includes a carbonization furnace, a charcoal crusher, a wheel-type charcoal powder grinder, a binder mixer, a barbecue charcoal briquette machine, and a barbecue charcoal dryer.

the charcoal ball press machine is the key equipment in this production line. Raw materials for this machine can be charcoal powder and coal powder. And its press molds can be changed for making BBQ charcoal with various shapes and sizes. The output of the barbecue charcoal processing line can be customized between 1-20t/h.

The configuration of the barbecue charcoal production line can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. The size, shape, and pattern of the barbecue charcoal produced can be designed according to customer requirements.