Flue gas purification equipment greatly reduces the air pollution caused by the flue gas generated by the sawdust briquette machine and the carbonization furnace in the process of machine-made charcoal production.

This purification equipment is necessary environmental protection equipment for large-scale production of machine-made charcoal, the equipment is reasonable in design, simple in installation, is the ideal equipment in the production process and mainly used in the charcoal production line, can be widely used in the carbonization furnace and kiln flue gas treatment.

The flue gas purification equipment by cylindrical tube cooling tower and cooling tower, composite multi-layer purification step by step, blocking network layer, stents, circulating water pipe, dust collector, fan, tar collecting mouth eduction and so on, through the multilayer structure, circulation and fully purified, can have many times purification effect, which has a good environmental protection effect and strong purification function.