Peanut butter production line

Peanut butter production line

The peanut butter production line mainly consists of roasting machine, cooling belt, peeling machine, picking belt, grinding machine, gear pump,storage tank, paste pump, mixing tank, vacuum tank, filling machine. Peanut butter production line is matured so far. For each machine involved, there are multiple uses not only for processing peanuts.


Peanut Butter Production Line is composed of the roasting machine, peeling machine, grinding machine, storage, mixing and vacuum tanks, and filling machine. It’s a piece of automatic peanut butter production line. This production line is suitable for processing peanut, almond, sesame and other nuts. Related machines are made of 304 stainless steel. The whole series of peanut butter production line characterizes in full-automatic and labor-saving, high mechanization, high productivity and low wreckage rate.


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