Edible salt refinery machine could process crude salt into industrial salt, edible iodine salt, or for other usages. The sea salt washing production line could match with the salt field, processing salt collected by salt harvester machine.

What is the raw material of the edible salt refinery machine?

Crushed cleaning salt is commonly known as coarse salt. It is the crystallization of seawater or saltwater in salt wells, salt ponds, and salt springs. It is natural salt. It is unprocessed large-grain salt. The main component is sodium chloride, but it contains magnesium chloride. Other impurities are easy to deliquescence in the air, so pay attention to humidity when storing. In the production process of crushed washing salt, the powder washing salt processing production line plays an important role in impurity removal and purification and provides people with nutritious product salt.

Crushing and cleaning salt is processed by using large-grained sea salt as the raw material. Because of the processes of crushing, washing, and recrystallization in production, the price will be relatively high. Because the product is white in color, uniform in grains, high in quality, clean and hygienic, and convenient to eat, it is an ideal raw material for household cooking and food processing.

What kind of salts can be processed by this sea salt washing production line?

Table salt, Kosher salt, Sea salt, Fleur de sel/Fiore di Cervia (“flower of salt” in French and Italian), Sel Gris (gray salt), Pink salt, Himalayan black salt, Hawaiian alaea red salt, Hawaiian black lava salt, etc.

Spotlights of this sea salt washing production line

  • Industrial materials

Refined salt can use in the chemistry industry. The customer could add mineral materials into the salt.

  • Edible table salt

For more cleaning and processing steps, adding minerals, the finished products can be edible salt.

  • multiple processing steps

The edible salt refinery machine is a large salt refine and washing plant, with complete cleaning procedures.

  • Large output
  • Burlap bag

We also provide packaging burlap bags for packing salt processed by the edible salt refinery machine.