The puffed snack production line takes a series of production steps to produce various puffed cereal snacks. The corn puff production line consists of ingredients selection, mixing, extrusion, forming, baking (frying), seasoning, and other steps. The snack food processing line can complete the above steps at one time, with high production efficiency.


  • The puffed snack food production line can realize a one-time completion from raw material mixing to finished product packaging. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency and a high degree of automation.
  • This snack food processing line has a wide range of applications. It can produce various shapes of products by changing molds and production processes.
  • The use of the baking machines has changed the unhealthy problem of fats and oils caused by the previous frying technology. And it not only simplifies the production process but also helps maintain the flavor and nutrients of the product.
  • These puffed snack production machines are easy to operate, with low investment cost and high production efficiency.
  • We provide different specifications snack pellet production plant lines, it meets the needs of different customers.