Raw material: Soap powder and soap granules with various colors and scents.

Main machines: Material mixer, raw material extruder, 3-roll grinder, vacuum plodder, cutting machine, sope forming machine, conveyor belt, conveyor, etc.

Production process:  The production process of the soap making production line is to produce soap grains as raw materials, after mixing, grinding, vacuuming out of the bar, printing, and molding into soap. The soap can be various, high and low-grade soap, hotel soap, etc. Which granulator and vacuum extruder are to make the soap denser.

Features of the soap making production line:

  1. The high degree of automation. We produce mixers with speed reducers and adjustable speed. The conveyor belt connecting each machine is an electric speed reducer. This machine can automatically adjust the delivery speed according to the amount of material.
  2. Simple operation. The operator only needs to operate the machine by the button on the distribution box and simple hands. Therefore, it is also very labor-saving.
  3. Support customization. We can customize logos and patterns on the soap. In addition, various shapes of soap can be made.